Recipient: BURST-44F8-ULC9-SYYL-E7N3E
URL: port:8080

To connect to the pool using Burstcoin Reference Software 2.5.0 with SODIUM protocol upgrade it is necessary to "assign" your reward to the account pool. To do this, you must have
At least 1 coin in the wallet and do the following:

  • Run Burstcoin Reference Software latest release and after it is fully synced then click on the following link: rewardassignment.html
  • At the top, in the section "Set reward recipient":
    - Passphrase - enter the password from your wallet (miner address)
    - Recipient enter a pool address BURST-44F8-ULC9-SYYL-E7N3E
    - Click "submit"
  • After a few seconds, there will be detailed information on transactions made by you (or a description of the error if something is wrong)
  • Next, directly in your Wallet  you see "/" or zero transaction
  • We are waiting for confirmation, and after 4 confirms is complete, the pool is ready to take the job on your miner.

Stand alone miner

Download miner ( Blago's Burst Miner : for Windows )

  • Please update or install java.

  • Edit miner.conf configuration file
  • Sugested settings

   "Mode" : "pool",

   "Server" : "",
   "Port": 8080,

   "UpdaterAddr" : "",
   "UpdaterPort": 8080,

   "InfoAddr" : "",
   "InfoPort": 8080,

   "EnableProxy": false,
   "ProxyPort": 8126,

   "CacheSize" : 40000,

   "ShowMsg" : false ,
   "ShowUpdates" : false,

   "Debug" : true,
   "UseHDDWakeUp": true,

   "SendBestOnly": true,
   "TargetDeadline": 2592000,

   "UseFastRcv" : false,
   "SendInterval": 100,
   "UpdateInterval": 950,

   "UseLog" : true,
   "ShowWinner": false,
   "UseBoost": false,

   "WinSizeX": 76,
   "WinSizeY": 60

If you wish to dual mine Burst/BHD download this pdf Tuturial from Haitch