Recipient: BURST-44F8-ULC9-SYYL-E7N3E
URL: port:8080

How it works


  • Minimum payout is 100 Burst
  • Pool fee is 2%
  • Transaction fee is 1 BURST (or the minimum that is required by the network)
  • Payment is instant when pool has positive balance
  • Share value reduction is 50% per block
  • If the pool on current round does not find a block, miners shares are keep (up to 362 blocks), but their value is reduced by 50% everytime we do not find a block. When the pool has positive balance, all the shares are summed up. The burst payments are proportional to the total share miners own at this time.

  • Block Maturity is 4
  • The payment is only sent the block has 2 confirmations

  • Target deadline: 2592000 (30 days)
  • deadline value from miner is converted into share value using this equation
    share = 1000 / ( NetDiff * Deadline + 1 ) 0.75
    where NetDiff (network difficulty) is calculated by Block0-BaseTarget / Block#N-BaseTarget