Recipient: BURST-44F8-ULC9-SYYL-E7N3E
URL: port:8080
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trossmining Pool KRATE Fixed all adddress links and opens in new tab!

Payouts 50 Burst minimum!

Please report bugs tross @

Links have been fixed. Changed Pool domain
name too but old one still points to pool too!

Donations: BURST-E77M-ZDM2-3FWN-DR8NT

Huge Donation -MALLICA TRINOTH- on 2017-11-10 09:11:09!

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SUPER BLOCK formerly known as Burst bash was a concept I started when I created my pool. It was used to attract new miners and reward the current miners. The Original Bash was a one time a month 30000 Burst give away. I would send burst to the pool 3k every 3 hours. Over time it dropped to 20000 to keep in pace with the block reward. Today well have a new pool new code and new Burst Bash. Like everything else in life its more automated.

New Super Block!

When the Balance (upper Red Box) reaches 8k or 10k then it will begin paying out till it reaches pending payment + about 3k! How this work is simple, 10% of the real Balance will be added to the block win when we win! When it is done the process will start over again and save till it reaches around 8k to 10k burst. Win Blocks = More Super Blocks!

I will let this run and tweak if need necessary!

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